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Money in the game

Mankind now travel faster than the information, a fortiori faster than economic data. When leaving a planet is it essential for your character to have cash with him. Because of weight constraint the coins has been abandoned since the antiquity. The money paper is easier to store and to travel with. The unique money legally usable in the universe is the Galac. First, I will describe the four functions of the Galac in the game. Then I will go through considerations about its supply and the related money policy. Finally, I will describe the different type of bank notes and their availability in the universe.

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How to make the most of your business related skills

Your character cannot go through all game situations while firing his weapons. Communication can be as dangerous as a gun… Especially is you convinced a general that your target has spoken in a very bad manner about the virtue of his beloved daughter…  Or, perhaps, your character may be involved in a game phase where good resource management will be one of the key to success. One day your team will need to raise funds in order to purchase some very expensive gear. Or maybe your character needs to  persuade an assembly of administrates to get a security clearance to enter an industrial complex. For solving smoothly all these situations, you need business related skills. I will detail each of them and describe want you can do with them and the special bonus you can obtain if you choose one of them when you create your character.

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Increasing combat survival rates – The facts you need to know

A combat situation is always deadly thus increasing your character’s survival chances is always something to consider carefully. The combat related skills will really help your character to survive if he is involved in fighting.  What are they ? How to determine their base values ? After answered these questions, I will describe each of them. And finally, I will explain why they are so useful in the game .

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How to manage a traffic congestion in a sci fi role playing game ?

Spatial navigation styles

Unfortunately, space travel can be deadly for characters. When characters choose to travel, as the gamemaster you must first determine if they are travelling on a known space route or if they are navigating freestyle. Each of these two opportunities for a quick death have their pros and cons.

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Recent Articles


A portrait of penhuman activists

On the surface, the known universe is very welcoming, with an appealing mix of penhumans and mankind. The Intergalactic Parliament life is quite democratic and political parties make the show. But what a human character may fail to notice is the sinister, ubiquitous presence of the SIP, the secret police of the Intergalactic Parliament. For better understanding, I propose a transcription of  an interview via an holo conference of two PRP  activists (Penhuman Reform Party) by the famous journalist Kelton STAR.

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Protect your character from deadly environments

When fighting in a specific environment with the appropriate combat bonus skill, your character can win over a large number of more powerful characters. What is a combat bonus skill ? How determine the base skill value ? These are the two questions I will answer before  describing each skill available. I’ll explain to you in details how it’s enhanced your character’s survivability. Finally, I will show you how to use them in the game.

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5 most dangerous secret societies

Penhumans don’t have the right to vote. I order to gain influence, they avoid dangerous direct lobbying and prefer a more subtle approach. This is why secret societies have been created. Most were created for penhuman only, but as the time progressed, human’s groups began to develop too, either as their own independent organizations, or as “human’s auxiliary” groups to the larger societies. Some of these secrets societies are very dangerous, here you will find a quick description of the five most dangerous one.


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A brand new character has got four, the average non-player character has got three… What am I talking about ? Skills, of course ! What is a skill ?  How to know the base value of a skill ? When my character must use them ?  When you’ll finished to read this article you will know enough to play and survive most of the hellish game situations.

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Understanding the anatomy of a character card

The character card is the Futurity RPG version of the traditional character sheet.It is a record of a player character in a role-playing game, including major game statistics, and background information a player would need during a play session. Where can you find the game information needed ? What benefits can you get with this card system ? I answer all these questions in this article.

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The truth about penhuman genotypes

As a player, you can choose your character between several penhuman characters. Which of them are suitable for your gamer’s style ? When you’re finished this article you will make your choice wisely. I think this article is worth reading for all players before starting a game. Now, I am going to detailed the eight penhuman genotypes available for you to play with.

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The 3 minutes guide for character’s traits

You have your first look at your character’s card and you see right in front of your eyes strange series of three letters… Congratulation, you’ve just discovered your character’s traits. What do they represent ? Just take a couple of minutes and read this article to fully understand what is your character potential.

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A player’s guide to social classes

One of the few simple steps, when starting a game, is to choose the social class of your character. Sometimes it’s difficult to make the good choice, especially when you’re a beginner with a brand new character. To help you, we are going to quickly describe the seven different available classes . When you’re finish to read this article, you will know how to make a coherent choice and fully understand how this class system will help you to improve your role playing.

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What every player should know about political parties

Sometimes you just need a quick overview to choose your political side. In this article we will describe the four major parties and the four minors ones. We will evoke quickly the different views of these political parties.  When your finish reading this article you will make a relevant choice for your character’s view on politics.

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RPG characters with emotions

Personality components

Personality components are one major feature in the futurity role playing game. Because they increase the credibility of the action, they also increase the involvement of the player. And with correct role play they even have a strong influence on the decision making process by the player during the game. What is it ? How to use it ? Is it difficult  to understand ? We start first with a quick review of this five components. Then, we show you how to read the personality components area on the character’s card. And finally, we conclude with two practical examples excerpt from a game during the character’s creation step. After reading this article you will see those personality components like something fun and simple.

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