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March 6, 2011


Spatial navigation styles

by Game designer
How to manage a traffic congestion in a sci fi role playing game ?

Unfortunately, space travel can be deadly for characters. When characters choose to travel, as the gamemaster you must first determine if they are travelling on a known space route or if they are navigating freestyle. Each of these two opportunities for a quick death have their pros and cons.

Pros Cons
Known space lanes
Reduce load on space ship
Low profile
Leaves traces behind
Frequent space traffic jams
Can be very expensive
Freestyle navigating
Many deadly risks
Higher risk of failure
Authorities harrassement

Obviously risks are not really the same… Basically, the common risk is the collision. Nevertheless, each of these form of travel have their opportunities of suprises, and all of them can be very nasty… You must do a quick check per standard day of travel on the appropriate following table.

Known space lanes events Freestyle navigating events
01-80  Navigation runs smoothly
81-84  Space transport autority
85-90  Space guard control
91-93  Space insurance compagny visit
94-95  Mutiny
96-97  Terrorist incident
98-00  Collision
01-30  Navigation runs smoothly
31-39  Communication equipment failure
40-50  Life-saving gear breakdown
51-60  Space pollution
61-70  Propulsion collapses
71-79  Pirats
80-00  Collision



All characters in the game very well-known the risks taken from freestyle navigation. If they choose, for probably a good reason this form of travel, as a gamemaster you must remind them to take extra safety precautions. Your players must understand that a Futurity’s character gives a try at freestyle navigating only if this is his or her only (last?) choice.

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  1. Mar 23 2011

    Good article !! What cms do you use on your site ?

    • Mar 28 2011

      Thank you for the comment ! I use WordPress on this website.


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