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March 8, 2011

Wanted fugitives

by Game designer

Fugitives pose a serious threat to public safety intergalactic-wide. Because they are mobile and opportunistic. Fugitives are very dangerous because they frequently finance their continued flight from the wrath of the Intergalactic Parliament through further criminal activities.

The fugitive are hunted down by the ruthless penhumans of the Fugitive Investigative Service Teams. The members of the five agents teams of this service are best known as Fister. The field of activity of these law enforcement penhuman is the apprehension of the 7 405 926  wanted humans or penhumans and the killing on sight of the most wanted. Considerable rewards, like the full ownership of a planet, are offered for these 72 most wanted cases.

“What is aggressive investigation? Headshot.” Agent Tamifang, FIST

You will be hunt down by Fisters only if you are on their wanted list. Your name will be written on this list if you will expected to be charged by very serious intergalatic crimes like genocide, penhuman smuggling, space piracy… Only the names written on the most wanted list are voted by the Intergalactic parliament on a proposal from the representant of the Chamber of Justice.

The duty of every registered denizen is to protect his or her family, planet and the Intergalatic Parliament by helping catching wanted fugitives. Whatever his social position or duties he must provide assistance to the fister on their first demand.

As a good denizen, you must understand that these fugitives undermine our Intergalactic Parliament’s  justice system. They may have been charged by a vote of the Chamber of Justice of the Galactic Parliament but not been arrested. They may have fled to avoid prosecution or they have escaped from prison. Often when fugitives flee, cases are not adjudicated by the Chamber, so crime victims are denied justice.


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