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March 11, 2011

Genotype for dummies

by Game designer

When you create your first character for Futurity role playing game, despite its easy to follow instructions and quick and play concepts, you can be a little confuse by the numerous possibilities. I focus here on the correct filling of the genotype area of the character card. I will explain to you what to do and what not to do with your character’s genotype.

When your create a new character for Futurity your first step is to choose the genotype of the character. As you probably already know it, you have four different basic choices :

  1. A normal human genome
  2. An average penhuman genome
  3. A mutated genome
  4. A genome with the presence of the C-Du gene

Once you’ve made your decision, you must blacken the correct zone – or zones – in the genotype area of your character card. The diagram below shows you which specific area must be blacken according to your choice.

Blacken character card

Basically, your character can try to pretend himself a human while being a penhuman. But this is role playing action in the game. On your player character card you must choose human or penhuman, never both.

Additionally, your character can have cumulative special genotypic alterations : mutation or having the gene C-Du. Mutations can occurred in game action if your character is exposed to specific chemicals and/or deadly radiations. So, you may have to blackening this zone while playing the game. However, you are free to start a new game session with a new character spiced with, for instance, a mutation induced by an unknown  virus…

The C-Du gene grants the character a specific psychic ability. This  definitive choice is only made when you create your character. You can neither choose this possibility later in the game nor give it up. In short, you were born with it or not.

Herein there is correct and wrong examples of how to blacken the genotype area of a character card.

Do and don't in the genotype area

As you can see above, there is few impossibilities of blackening certain zones :

  1. A player character which is neither human nor penhuman.
  2. A character which is both human and penhuman.
  3. A character with only mutation or only have the presence of C-Du gene.

Do you need help about this rule ? Feel free to ask here your question !


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