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March 12, 2011

Choosing your character’s sex

by Game designer

In our future, a profound behaviour change occurs due to the addition of genetic mastering, specific constraints of the space travel and colonisation process. Succinctly, mankind need to populate the universe swiftly and effectively. So, in a Futurity game you have the opportunity to choose between four possibilities of sex types…

All those possibilities are available for all types of genome. You must understand that some combinations may attract attention with unpredictable consequences … The following table shows a summary of sex choices with available genotypes associated with their relative commonness.

Humans Penhumans
Asexual Oddity Numberless
Male Frequent Infrequent
Female Very frequent Rare
Hermaphrodite Numerous Numerous

If you have given a careful look at the above table, you have certainly understood that the nature of your character’s sex will have direct consequences on his social abilities. For example, an asexual human will be seen almost like an alien while an asexual penhuman will be almost invisible in this world.

How to fill your character card ? In the top left-hand corner of a blank character card, you can see a little circle. You must complete the drawing as shown in the diagram below. So, according to your choice, you must draw :

  • For an asexual character : a littler circle above then join both of them with a line.
  • For a male character : a line with an arrow end at a 45° angle
  • For a female character : a vertical line under the circle and finish it with an horizontal line, like a cross.
  • For the hermaphrodite character : draw a male symbol but at a 315° angle and underline the arrow.

Choosing character's sex

Obviously, I will not answer any question about sex, however you can post here questions about the right choice for your character’s sex. Feel free to ask !


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