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March 15, 2011

What every player should know about political parties

by Game designer

Sometimes you just need a quick overview to choose your political side. In this article we will describe the four major parties and the four minors ones. We will evoke quickly the different views of these political parties.  When your finish reading this article you will make a relevant choice for your character’s view on politics.

Of course not all political parties has the same weight on the intergalactic political life. The following pie chart shows the power of the eight major parties by certified voters by the Intergalactic Parliament.

Intergalactic Parliament seats by parties

Let’s talk about each of them… We start by the fourth main political forces :

1. The Mercury party : aim to promote maximum wealth for their members. This party is very popular amongst Mankind. They always try to lower legal barriers for human in charge to produce goods and services. They always ask to  adjust income tax and gains tax rates. They aim to allow greater flexibility by reducing intergalactic regulations. They enforcing traditional values to keep the humanity in line. You can see this in examples such as penhumans labor laws and heavy weapons rights. Their logo is an atom.

2. The Stone party : this is the oldest party in the known universe. They were known for support colons and terraformers. They try to fight for economic justice and security for all human, whatever his social background. They want to protect and preserve human rights and civil liberties : nothing must change… They always want to be secured about the advancing of R&D in environmental protection and energy management. Their logo is a pyramid upon two solid blocs representing respectively the intergalactic parliament above the Mankind and pen humanity.

3. Bulls party : they are obviously pro-human, anti heavy weapons control, anti tax, anti Intergalactic Parliament. They are strongly against the production of a new generation of penhumans. They probably want to start a secession process but the consequences of such an act are unpredictable… So, they prefer using the parliament laws. Waiting for an opportunity? They always try to settle special regional regulations for their members. Their logo is a pair of horns.

4 The party of Incomparables : this party is principally composed by human with psychic powers. Basically, they think they are gifted, so they must govern the others. This is the fourth political force…. It is said that they are quite convincing…They want to keep the administration of the intergalactic parliament but set norms (average humans) in a sort of second class citizen condition. They really don’t care about the penhuman condition. They speak an antique language between them : French. Their logo is a shining sun.

The fifth force is constituted by four parties of smaller size.

5 Venice party : co-operate and work with many penhuman intergalactic hate groups.They are at least, “racially aware” (sic)  of their genotype. They like marching around wearing grey and brown camouflaged fatigues. They want to exterminate all psychics and mutants from the galaxy while the penhumans are considerer almost like serves. Their extensive factional in-fighting caused many death amongst their members. Their logo is a stylised spider.

6 – Conservative party :  these are a bunch of black uniformed wearer ! This party is a combination of fascists, “Human Power” racist and others on the ultra-radical political fringe. They support the immediate removal of all penhumans, mutants and psychics out of all positions of government and civil service — and eventually out of the universe altogether. This party, while purportedly denouncing violence and illegal acts, blends some kind of economic socialism, fascism, hate and strong totalitarian sentiments. Their logo is a thunderbolt.

7 – Red party :has yet not be able  to present any candidate to the presidency of the Intergalactic Parliament. They don’t take themselves too seriously. They try to promote laws to legalized all form of sex and addictions. If it is good this should be legal. Their motto is sex is great ! To date, the red’s political activities seem confined to printing some cool shirts and holo stickers and trying to pass crazy sex laws. Their logo is a big heart.

8 – The Penhuman Reform Party is a newly created party which aim to provide universal health care, elimination of the intergalactic parliament income tax on people earning under G100,000 a year, free education for penhumans, drastic cuts in security spending, “massive” terraforming programs, abolition of corporate monopolies, public ownership of energy and basic industries, huge tax for corporations and wealthy humans. Their logo is a shield with the PRP letters inside…

When you fill a new character card, and if you want that your character have some kind of politic involvement, you can just copy the following logos in the appropriate zone of the character’s card.


Eight major political parties

On the first row from left to right, you can see  logos of Mercury, Bulls and red parties. The following row shows the logos of Stone, Incomparables and Venice parties. On the last one, you can see those of the PRP and the Conservative party.

Now you have a better understanding of forces which rule the politic life of the Intergalactic Parliament. If you have questions about the ideology of one of these political parties, or about a potential coalition for a precise decision of the parliament in your game, you can ask for an answer here.


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