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March 21, 2011

The truth about penhuman genotypes

by Game designer

As a player, you can choose your character between several penhuman characters. Which of them are suitable for your gamer’s style ? When you’re finished this article you will make your choice wisely. I think this article is worth reading for all players before starting a game. Now, I am going to detailed the eight penhuman genotypes available for you to play with.

The first thing you must understand is that the genotype itself is not shown on the character card. This information is interesting as character’s background, but is useless to make good decision while role playing. Instead, the genotype conditions the modification of the character’s traits; which, them, are shown on the character’s card.

In order to help you read this article, you should keep in mind that the average human has five in each of his character’s traits. You will have a better understanding why all penhumans are generally better, stronger and faster than the average human. The development of the genetic manipulations is tightly bond with mankind’s expansion history.

The first genotype or GI

  • The oldest generation to serve mankind expansion. They are never tired workers. They can be deprived of sleep during three months without suffering any psychological problem. They can dislocate at will every joints of their body. As long as the head goes, the rest of the body will follow. Very handy to perform maintenance task on terraforming units or small technical area in spaceships.
  • If they have a practical intelligence they are simple-minded and their genome were purposely manipulate to increase their weakness to any psychic manipulation.
  • Social classes available : most of them belong to the lambda class but  sigma and omega are open.
  • Character’s traits : STR 5 END 8 COR 5 FLX 8 INT 4 RSP 5  CHA 4 PSY 4

The second genotype or GII

Due to the start of the RD456 galaxy expansion, mankind faced nearly unsolvable problem. So, the intergalactic parliament vote the creation on this new genotype to assist humanity  to find solution were they can’t. They look like normal human except for  their intelligence. It is said that all the last millenary innovations were created by penhuman. But everybody knows that this is only space legend !

  • Social classes available : most of them belong to the tau class but  bravo and omega are good choices.
  • Character’s traits : STR 5 END 5 COR 5 FLX 5 INT 8 RSP 5  CHA 5 PSY 5

The third genotype or GIII

  • The next model has been created because human cannot control any more their billions of workers dispersed among different galaxies. So, they’ve decided to create a sort of “manager”  model who can endorse they role when they are not here… And the result was awesome ! All daily situations were accurately forecasted and handled by this new model… The humanity progressively disdain the mundane routines of checking work of the penhumans.
  • Social classes available : you will find them only in bravo class.
  • Character’s traits : STR 4 END 5 COR 5 FLX 5 INT 4 RSP 5  CHA 7 PSY 8

The fourth genotype or GIV

  • The avidity of humanity is beyond understanding. They always want more or maybe they only want to know what is behind, is there a final frontier ? Or maybe it’s a pioneer feeling ? Who knows? This type was specially design to live in close proximity with human for extended time. They have a strong empathy. They are hard to tired so they can be very helpful for human during long quart. But they also have a more then human coordination which authorize them to do impossible thing for a average human. Like driving a spaceship out of a meteor field while remotely controlled exploratory drones on two different planet and finishing is dinner…
  • Social classes available : most of them belong to the epsilon class, while few of them in the tau class.
  • Character’s traits : STR 5 END 7 COR 8 FLX 5 INT 4 RSP 5  CHA 4 PSY 5

The fifth genotype, also known as “F type for “fury” or maybe for “fail””

  • Due to unknown reason there were taken by unpredictable madness. Many of them started slaughtered every human they encountered. There is horrific stories about impaled human babies. Accounts describe widespread destruction of terraforming units, and anything else that belonged to, or served, mankind.
  • Under the special resolution of the Intergalactic Parliament #94654 and the good work of the GIII type all known type has been exterminated and the production was stopped.

The sixth genotype or GVI

  • In the MLKJ galaxy, explorers have found thousand habitable worlds but humanity need a force of strong worker to get the job done. This is why this type have been created. They have outstanding endurance and they also have an inhuman strength. It is said that it’s possible for a GVI to carry two men in each arm while running all the day…. Without a single drop of sweat!
  • Social classes available : most of them belong to the sigma class, while few of them, siblings of the early first models are in the lambda class.
  • Character’s traits : STR 8 END 7 COR 5 FLX 5 INT 4 RSP 5  CHA 4 PSY 5

The seventh genotype or GVII

  • With the increasing colonized galaxy the demand in technologic exchange and regulating supply of product as lead to the need of reorganiser the supply chain and trading of goods. When a full time hundred team of GII cannot find another solution than to stop expansion. So, this genotype was created to increase the number of vessels and optimize trade. You cannot differentiate them from a good looking human. They have a strong interaction with all classes and secretly consider themselves as a second mankind.
  • Social classes available : most of them belong to the tau class, but you can also  find many of them in the lambda, sigma or omega classes.
  • Character’s traits : STR 5 END 5 COR 7 FLX 5 INT 5 RSP 5  CHA 6 PSY 5

The eighth genotype or GVIII

  • After the infamous F genotype as lead humanity to nearly extinction in the RD456 galaxy, the Intergalactic Parliament decided to create a new type to help mankind “solving” her problem. This was the GVIII. They looks pretty rustic with angular shapes and prominent jaws they have no imagination and really enjoy following human order to the letters. Most of them are conditioned to protect a human at the cost of their life if necessary.
  • Social classes available : most of them belong to the omega class, while few of them, siblings of the early non conditioned first models are in the lambda class.
  • Character’s traits : STR 5 END 7 COR 5 FLX 5 INT 4 RSP 8  CHA 4 PSY 5

Ninth generation or GIX,

  • They are creative artists, gifted singers,never tired dancers and made of a supernatural beauty. They have been conceived that a average human can fall in love at first sight. The only drawback, if so, is that they can be easily manipulated  and have the intelligence of a twelve’s year old child. That probably helps to fulfilled the monstrous need for leisure, funny recreation or interactive distraction of humanity. Unconfirmed reports, tell that the army use them as “a treat” (sic)  for their troopers.
  • Social classes available : you can find them in any class except in the lambda and tau class, and obviously the alpha class.
  • Character’s traits : STR 4 END 7 COR 5 FLX 7 INT 3 RSP 5  CHA 8 PSY 4


Now, you nearly know all the truth about penhumanity and have a basic knowledge of the genotypes available to choose. If you have questions about the characteristics of one of them, you can ask your question below.


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