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March 27, 2011

5 most dangerous secret societies

by Game designer

Penhumans don’t have the right to vote. I order to gain influence, they avoid dangerous direct lobbying and prefer a more subtle approach. This is why secret societies have been created. Most were created for penhuman only, but as the time progressed, human’s groups began to develop too, either as their own independent organizations, or as “human’s auxiliary” groups to the larger societies. Some of these secrets societies are very dangerous, here you will find a quick description of the five most dangerous one.



5 –  Supreme Theocracy they believe in the existence of a sort of psychic entity which name is only known by high rank members. They prepare the arrival of this entity in this world. All members live “in the truth of His revelation as well as obedience to Him”’(sic). They have carefully graded and progressed teachings. Special powerful psychic abilities would be available only to selected individuals who have been teach the  “hidden and unique  truths” (sic).  What they believe is not really understandable for the average character because everybody knows that psychic entities doesn’t exist !


4  Circle of the Libraries They try to balance the alpha class self-interest and the rights and needs of others classes.  This is a very small group mixed with a perfect parity between humans and penhumans. They are a small group but they are very influent. They use subtle tactics to influence members of the alpha class into compliance. They generally infiltrate their victims social circles with “friendly” members of the society. Bugging devices setting and psychic manipulations are done in order to gather information that can be later used to blackmail these individuals into compliance, or destroy their credibility in front of the Intergalactic Parliament.


3 – Order of the Golden Mirrors : very little is known about this secret society . They are known from mankind to be a sort of thieves association with a mafia like modus operandi. But the reality is a little more complicated. They are carefully raising  funds from piracy and discretely redistributed partially it to the lambda class. Thought a nebula of firms, they also progressively try to buy the HLB055 galaxy world in order to make it a sanctuary for the “true penhumanity”(sic) : the lambda class.


2  – The Faction of the Buried Sun : this secret society is mostly composed with penhumans of the omega class. They think that there was no F type, or genotype V incident. They think that  “Everything You Know Is Wrong” (sic) that the humanity have plan the extermination of the penhumanity. So, they must be prepared : they progressively build a secret army in the unknown space and finance and equipped it with the weapons traffic. Their objective seems to launch a preventive but global attack against humanity to defend their lives.

1  – The Fiery Preachers of the Deep Space : this “penhuman only” members are the most dangerous and the well known of all. All members have the willingness to both kill and die in society’s service, without question. They aren’t striking intergalactic administration, or even practised random human killing — they are killing high members of the Intergalactic Parliament and Galactic governors, or anyone perceived as an enemy of penhuman rights who was high enough to be worth the bother. They liked to hit their target in a very public place; they especially liked the emotional shock of killing a victim in an Intergalactic Parliament Chamber during session or when the victim is participating in a  direct HoloTV show.

Throughout the last millenaries, secret societies exploded mainly across penhumanity along the known universe. Literally hundreds of these secret societies were created, all with passwords, secret communication protocols. If you want more information about these organisations, please post a comment below.


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