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April 4, 2011

How to make the most of your business related skills

by Game designer

Your character cannot go through all game situations while firing his weapons. Communication can be as dangerous as a gun… Especially is you convinced a general that your target has spoken in a very bad manner about the virtue of his beloved daughter…  Or, perhaps, your character may be involved in a game phase where good resource management will be one of the key to success. One day your team will need to raise funds in order to purchase some very expensive gear. Or maybe your character needs to  persuade an assembly of administrates to get a security clearance to enter an industrial complex. For solving smoothly all these situations, you need business related skills. I will detail each of them and describe want you can do with them and the special bonus you can obtain if you choose one of them when you create your character.

In this role playing game, your character can use six business related skills : bureaucracy, communication, finance, management, relations and strategy. If the game master allow it, all these skills can be improvised. Now, let’s describe each of them.


  • This skill is related to the intelligence (INT) and psychic power (PSY) traits.
  • This intergalactic administration survival skill is the addition of all the day-to-day bureaucrat’s skills. With this skill your character know to cooperate with other services, to be punctual by managing his time correctly, to create or fill formulars, to enlist help of other administrative guys, to accept responsibility if the correct formulary is fill and finally, how to organize his paper work to simulate a heavy workload…
  • As a knowledge skill, the character know all the arcana of administration, silly rules and incomprehensible formulars. He also know how to dig out some interesting information form legal data and how to obtain restricted information from intergalactic administration databases.
  • If this skill is chosen during the character creation phase, a special ability is gain : your character know how to confused anyone with a complicate formular or how to play time with any official by creating/producing a distracting stream of reports…


  • This skill is only related to the charism (CHA) trait.
  • Your character will be skilful at the transmission and interpretation of knowledge and ideas. Basically, your character knows how to speak effectively to anyone whatever his genotype or social class, write concisely and listen attentively. Your character also know how to express ideas and organize group discussion and, when needed, provide appropriate feedback.
  • This skill is also use to negotiate better prices or exchange for goods or services. With this skill you can also perceive nonverbal messages. In short, you know how to persuade anyone for anything.
  • If this skill is chosen during the character creation phase, your character has the disinformation special ability. In other words, he can spread deliberately false or inaccurate information with intentions of turning genuine information useless.


  • This skill is only related to the intelligence (INT) trait.
  • This hard to mastered skill is the search for specific knowledge and the ability to conceptualize future needs and solutions for meeting those needs. The character also gain the knowledge of how to design supply chains and select appropriate distribution channels for realizing new products, and ultimately to define product offers that will be perceived by markets as having attractive net delivered customer value.
  • During the game, with this skill, the character can realize forecasts and predicting, has creating ideas, identify problems and find imagining alternatives. He can also identify resources or gathering useful information among public databases.
  • Only if this skill is chosen during the character creation phase, your character, at the game master discretion, can have ideas that the player cannot have. Careful, this skill is not a substitute to the player’s brain ! Use this “idea”  aspect of the skill with caution…


  • This skill is related to the psychic power (PSY) and charism (CHA) traits.
  • It is about use of interpersonal skills for resolving conflict and helping people. Basically, with this skill your character know how to develop rapport with others humans or penhumans, how to be sensitive and a good listener, and to provide support for others as well. He also know how to motivate others and  to share credit of accomplishments to gain personal advantage.  In a more complex way, the character know how to counsel or to represent others.
  • By his high ability to perceive feelings and situations, he can determine a character’s motive. A word of advice here, with this skill a character does not reveal hidden secret or carefully concealed intent.
  • If this skill is chosen during the character creation phase, if your character wish, he can  use it to mislead others as to his true intent. He is so good at this that his true intent cannot be detected neither by psychic abilities nor by technological liar detection.


  • This skill is related to the intelligence (INT) and charism (CHA) traits.
  • Globally this skill cover the knowledge of organization management and leadership. In other words, the ability to supervise, direct and guide individuals and groups in the completion of tasks and fulfilment of goals. The character know how to handle details, coordinate tasks and managing groups. he also know how to correctly delegate responsibilities and the correct way to teach or coach.
  • Strictly business speaking, this skill shows the ability for a character to use the flexibilities of its specific Business Unit (BU) resources effectively and efficiently over a range of operating  conditions.
  • If this skill is chosen during the character creation phase, the character has worked as a consultant for managing conflict among  the midlevel managers of larger BU. So, he have a very huge social network and he earn a special bonus to succeed when he ask the help of his social network.


  • This skill is related only to the intelligence (INT) trait.
  • It can be used to determine the basic value of an object in Galacs or in exchange of service.
  • Due to his high proficiency with figures this skill can also be used by your character to solve problems or puzzles; or to deal with other situation involving demonstration with figures.
  • With this skill a character can also infer a missing information or spot an incoherence in a business report.
  • Your character can also use this skill to understand accounting reports, process business information, analyse economics data or apprehend the logic of investments..
  • If this skill is chosen during the character creation phase, the character gain a important financial bonus for tax avoidance advices. In other words, he sells his advice for how to legally use the  tax regime to one’s own advantage.

All these skills are strongly related to the intelligence (INT) and charism (CHA) traits of your character. If you want to obtain the best basic value, while starting a new character, do not forget to boost these two traits; or to choose the correct genotype, if you choose a penhuman one. Now, you know how to make the most of your business related skills.  If you need further information about these useful skills, please drop me a line below.


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