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April 11, 2011

A portrait of penhuman activists

by Game designer

On the surface, the known universe is very welcoming, with an appealing mix of penhumans and mankind. The Intergalactic Parliament life is quite democratic and political parties make the show. But what a human character may fail to notice is the sinister, ubiquitous presence of the SIP, the secret police of the Intergalactic Parliament. For better understanding, I propose a transcription of  an interview via an holo conference of two PRP  activists (Penhuman Reform Party) by the famous journalist Kelton STAR.

Kelton STAR – Good evening Kyrian, thank you for give me five minutes of your busy time. Err… Must we speak in front of … him ?

Kyrian JADE – You are welcome Kelton. I understand… It’s disturbing for you to talk to a lambda, but this is precisely what at the Penhuman Reform Party we are working for!

KS – Well then … I’ll try !

KJ  – Thank you very much.

KS – Identify yourself lambda !

GI – My name for you is a pseudonym : call me STAIRS.

KS –But this is illegal for a penhuman to not identify himself when asking so by a human !

GI – (grumble)

KJ – As I told you before this holoconf, if you want to understand something, you must admit a couple of things…

KS – Well, it’s quite… unusual! I’ll try to cope it…  STAIRS your face looks familiar, haven’t see you somewhere else before ?

GI – The face I use for this holo communication is a computer-generated amalgam of 154 penhumans. And please, stop trying to trace my location : I am concealed behind a quality military grade encryption.

KS – This is clearly illegal Kyrian ! I must stop this interview now, I will not stand a trial for doing my job !

KJ – Take it easy Kelton ! In our universe, where penhumans have lived under surveillance and emergency law for millenniums,  such basic precautions are necessary for him to stay out of execution.

GI – Yes, I always try to elude the Intergalactic Parliament’s spies. You know, the secret police approach me in so many ways…

KS – But, Kyrian, it’s living like  a phantom !

GI – I was close with another activist for years before discovering that this omega type penhuman was a parliament mole. So, for me, making friend or connecting with other dissidents means taking a deadly risk.

KJ – As as said in my last speech at the Intergalactic Parliament, penhumans live in a house of mirrors, wondering who among their race are really parliament spies… We cannot continue like that… Unfortunately I cannot finish my speech after this sentence…

KS – Don’t worry Sir Jade, you must understand that your political positions are quite disturbing ! What can you tell me about the background of this lambda ?

KJ – He is one of our former PRP activist, who fled deep space and now living as a pirate.

KS – …. (gag)

GI – You must understand that average penhumans adopt two faces. One face they reveal to their families and their circles of trust. And the other they show mankind or penhumans they don’t know because they assume they are secret service. It’s like living in a prison. Every single word could be counted against you !

KJ – Thank you for this highlight my friend ! Kelton, the Penhuman Reform Party (PRP) estimate that billions of political prisoners are working on labor planets. While thousands have been killed during recent PRP demonstrations, the Intergalactic Parliament hasn’t shown a penchant for systematic brutality…

GI – Excuse me Sir, the memories of political violence are still running deep ! The last time penhumans tried to obtain vote rights in LZY-360, the Intergalactic Parliament  waged war on the entire galaxy killing more than ten thousand millions penhumans, according to our estimates.

KS – You allow him to speak like that !? I am sorry but I must end this interview before risking a trial ! A last question, what do you think about your future ?

KJ – “You know Kelton, by just by having a different opinion than the majority of the parliament, I’m already entering a risky area”

GI – “End of transmission !”

Seven days later, Kyrian JADE has been killed in his sleep by an uncontrolled penhuman owned by Jayzanne ROSE. According to the #56789 resolution of the Intergalactic Parliament, this member of the Venice Party handle herself the extermination of  the deviant penhuman. We still haven’t heard from the GI penhuman “STAIRS”…

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