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Character creation

You will find here what you need to create your character without the common gobbledygook of the game’s rules; meaning you’ve got the explanation in plain english, period. Nevertheless, usual nuts and bolts associated with the character creation are avaibable in the rules section of this website.

To get started on a Futurity scenario, you need to create your player character, or alter ego. I will referred to in this website as “your character”  or PC for the sake of convenience. Creating your player character is a fun and simple process. There may be unfamiliar terms and concepts written on this page. But have no fear (yet) all will be explained as you explore the rest of the site.

1 – Choose your genotype : human or penhuman.

In the Futurity role playing game you take on the role of a human or a penhuman. A human is, well… a human, no more to say yet. A penhuman is a genetically-modified human who has been initially created in order to help mankind to explore the mysteries of the infinite universe.

Therefore, your easy first step is to choose between these two genotypes and blacken the correct zone on the genotype area of your character’s card. Specific help is available for this subject in this article.

2 – Choose your character’s sex : asexual, male, female, hermaphrodite.

In this game you can choose between four different sexual aspects for your character. The dramatic changes due to the intergalactic conquest lead humanity to colonize at breakneck speed. Mankind with penhumanity is already numberless, but it seems that we are never enough… Make your choice wisely and draw it on your character’s card. You can find more information about that in this interresting article.

3 – Choose your personality components : five adjustable variables to set on the character’s card.

I experienced many systems with my players, ranging from a quick definition, something  like “my character is paranoid” , to exhaustive compartmental studies. Today, the best ratio between easy understanding, fun and role playing help is the current version. You can find a quick overview of all these component in this helpful article.

4 – Choose your social class : alpha, beta, epsilon, lambda, sigma, tau or omega class.

In this role playing game, you have a complex systeme of social class, you must pick up one among the seven available. Take your time to choose wisely because you cannot change your social class during the game. You will find a quick overview of each of them in this player guide.

5 – Write the traits : write correct values beside the right trigram.

Character’s traits are very important, if you’re not very sure to have a good understanding of their nature, I recommend reading this special players guide. If you have chosen a human genotype do not forget to share out your three bonus points before write. If you have chosen a penhuman genotype at your step, them you simply choose the suitable genotype and report values with no modifications. You will find an helpful ressource here to be sure to make no mistake.

6 – Socialize it ! Choose occupation and associated skills, hobby, political parties or organisation membership.

Character’s occupation defines the skills set in which a player character will choose its strong points. You can also choose a free optional hobby if you accept its constraints. Moreover, you can define the political integration of your character in the Futurity world. If your character has a human genotype, it is strongly recommanded that you choose a political party membership, and if you like complexity an optional organisation. If your character has a penhuman genotype you can choose only an organisation, like belonging to a secret society.


I always try to put hyper-link when a relevant post exist. Otherwise, if you have any question, feel free to drop me a line !


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